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Keeneye Boudoir Doll

Here is a very nice Keeneye boudoir doll, wearing her original costume.
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Cloth Face Boudoir Doll

Here is a nice cloth face boudoir doll. She has composition arms.


This cute French doll head appears to be a JxB.

1920s Women's Fashion

Here is a slide show of photographs, from the 1920s, showing Ladies' Fashion. I muted the sound, I hope. I found the choice of music not fitting of the era, and quite annoying. After all, it was the silent screen era.....

Muller Volkstedt Half Doll Figurine

This is a German-made Half Doll/Figurine. I've never seen one like this. She is dressed as a Chorus Girl.


This is an Italian-made boudoir doll from Alma. They were a Lenci competitor. She has a swivel waist.

Here is an Alma from my collection. I believe she may have had some restoration. She is similar to the Alma, above, except this one is a smoker. She has the same body with swivel waist.

Too Sweet!

Louis Sherry French Chocolates Ad This ad features Lencis, including my personal favorite, the Fadette!